The ultimate guide to Tel Aviv’s 12 beaches

We have compiled a list with the best beachfront hotels. The ultimate guide to Tel Aviv's 12 beaches.
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There are few destinations more desirable than a beach chair in front of the Mediterranean Sea. The magnificent blue waves, white sand, and upbeat energy of Tel Aviv’s beaches are unmatched.

What’s even better about the coastal options here is the variety and unique features that each of the beaches offers. From family-friendly locations to surf spots to work out and sport options, you can find exactly what you’re looking for at one of Tel Aviv’s many beaches.

Below are the key traits and attractions of each beach, listed from south to north.

  1. Givat Aliyah Beach
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Givat Aliyah Beach (Ajami beach).

Givat Aliyah (more commonly known as Ajami Beach) is the most southern beach in Tel Aviv, located in the old port city of Jaffa. This beach is a favorite with locals, as it is dog-friendly and maintains a level of privacy below the boardwalk.

Givat Aliyah is also known for its natural and decorative elements, including large stone arches and palm trees. The waves are crowded with surfers, paddle-boarders, and windsurfers because of the perfect tides. This beach attracts more locals than tourists and is located farther from the beachside hotels.

2. Charles Clore Beach

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Charles Clore Park and beach.

Charles Clore is so much more than just a great beach. This beach offers a park that stretches behind it, complete with picnic and barbeque spots, outdoor workout equipment, and a skatepark.

In addition to the vast stretch of white sand, you’ll also have plenty of grassy areas to get in a workout or spend time relaxing with friends and family. This beach is an excellent fit for families; you can grab a delicious meal at Manta Ray, a restaurant that sits just above the beach, before using the lifeguard-monitored beach (in season) with your kids and dogs.

3. Banana Beach/Aviv Beach

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Sunset at Banana Beach, Tel Aviv.

Looking for a wide range of activities to keep you entertained from early morning to late night? Start your day catching the waves at Banana Beach, where you’ll find a great surf school. After a surf lesson, enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of Banana Beach, where locals make use of the umbrellas and chairs when soaking up the sun. No matter what time you find yourself on this beach, the 24/7 beach bar is an accessible way to get refreshments whenever you need them.

4. Jerusalem Beach

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Waves in the ocean at the beach front of Jerusalem Beach in Tel Aviv, Israel.

If you’re searching for a stunning swimming spot, look no further than Jerusalem Beach. Known as Geula Beach by locals, this site typically attracts a younger crowd. Jerusalem Beach flaunts a vast stretch of white sand and waves that are often quite surfable. If you’re in the mood to stay on dry land instead of diving into the Mediterranean, cabanas along the water provide necessary shade on those sweltering Tel Aviv summer days.

5. Bograshov Beach

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View of a lifeguard station on Bograshov Beach in Tel Aviv at sunset.

Tel Aviv is known for its vibrant, bustling atmosphere, and that’s precisely what you’ll find on Bograshov Beach, one of the most popular beaches in the city. With countless food and drink options nearby and sitting just below a collection of hotels, this beach offers a perfect location in central Tel Aviv.

If you’re looking for a quiet beach day, though, this is not the best destination. Especially on weekends, you’ll find locals and tourists alike enjoying the beautiful blue waters during the day and hitting the nearby clubs and bars as night falls.

  1. Frishman Beach
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Enjoy a lovely day out on Frishman Beach in Tel Aviv.

Frishman Beach is a multifaceted location. Perfect for any fitness fanatic, this centrally located beach offers volleyball courts and outdoor workout equipment. Frishman Beach is also conveniently located near the hotel strip along the boardwalk, making it very accessible for tourists. There’s plenty to do and eat near this beach because of its spot on a busy promenade; just a few meters away, you’ll find restaurants and cafes open day and night.

7. Gordon Beach

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View of Gordon pool at the beach in Tel Aviv.

It’s easy to pass a whole day and into the night at Gordon Beach. During the day, make use of this beach’s unique saltwater swimming pool, ideal for those who aren’t as fond of the ocean. You might also enjoy the volleyball nets set up along the beach or the grassy lawns surrounding the area, conducive to sports and tanning. This beach is a fantastic place for matkot, a classic beach sport among Tel Avivians. Into the night, you’ll find many beach bars and nightlife hotspots bustling with young locals.

8. Hilton Beach

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Hilton Beach during the 2019 Tel Aviv Pride Parade.

Hilton Beach resists being defined by just one aspect, as it hosts a multitude of enticing features. On the southern end, you’ll find a swarm of surfers riding the waves. The more central section of the beach has been deemed the official gay beach of Tel Aviv. With constant energy and wildly popular nightlife, this spot has become a hub of fun for the LGBTQ+ community.

Finally, with Tel Aviv ranked as one of the most dog-friendly cities in the world, it’s only fitting that the northern part of Hilton Beach is a dog beach. Needless to say, Hilton Beach is one of the most popular beaches for Tel Avivians and tourists alike, and it’s located next to its namesake Hilton Hotel.

9. The Religious Beach/Nordau Beach

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Women enjoying the gender-separate Religious (Nordau) Beach in Tel Aviv.

This beach is by far the most unique in Tel Aviv. To be inclusive of Orthodox community members hoping to enjoy the sea and sand, the beach welcomes women exclusively on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, and men exclusively on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. (On Saturdays, when religious Jews do not go to the beach, it is open to all.)

High walls protect the sunbathers and swimmers from unwanted onlookers and preserve their privacy. In addition to these special features, the Religious Beach also offers refreshments, changing rooms and a playground.

  1. Metzitzim Beach
the ultimate guide to tel avivs 12 beaches israel21c 9

Metzitzim Beach in Tel Aviv.

Metzitzim Beach offers services and facilities that make it a fantastic destination for families, especially for those with young kids. When headed to this beach, there’s no need to worry about the logistics that may typically complicate a beach day; Metzitzim Beach offers year-round bathrooms, lockers and on-duty lifeguards. That, combined with the playground on the sand, shallow waters, and nearby Tel Aviv Port, make this beach ideal for a family beach day.

11. Tel Baruch Beach

the ultimate guide to tel avivs 12 beaches israel21c 10

The beach at Tel Baruch.

Tel Baruch Beach is another fantastic destination for families seeking a quiet spot to swim and play. Located in the beautiful northern neighborhood of Ramat Aviv, this beach offers an expansive stretch of land and an on-sand café. This beach is great to take your kids for a swim in the warm, blue waters or find shade under the cabanas. This beach tends to stay on the quieter side, as it’s a bit of a commute coming from central or southern Tel Aviv.

12. North and South Tzuk (Cliff) Beach

the ultimate guide to tel avivs 12 beaches israel21c 11

North Tzuk Beach in northern Tel Aviv.

Both sections of this beach are located far north in Tel Aviv, near the neighboring city of Herzliya. If you’re exhausted from the high energy and constant movement of the city, North and South Tzuk Beach is the perfect spot for an escape, especially with your family.

Besides the soft sand and small waves, this beach is also quite inviting to children with its playground, expansive lawn and volleyball courts. By coming here, you’ll get away from the usual crowds of Tel Aviv beaches and find a quieter haven with a gorgeous view.

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