10 Things You Should Be Doing In Myrtle Beach This Summer

10 Things You Should Be Doing In Myrtle Beach This Summer. Situated in the Atlantic Ocean, Myrtle Beach is a wonderful coastal city popular for its vibrant tourist activities. The area has a 60-mile beach stretch, which shows how much room there is for adventurers to explore.
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Situated in the Atlantic Ocean, Myrtle Beach is a wonderful coastal city popular for its vibrant tourist activities. The area has a 60-mile beach stretch, which shows how much room there is for adventurers to explore.

Although the white and gold ribbons surrounding the beach are naturally appealing, Myrtle Beach offers more than just miles of sand. It is among the few places in South Carolina where people will visit blindly and still find some interesting stuff to explore.

These are the top things to do in Myrtle Beach.

10 SkyWheel Ride

Vacations are all about thrill, and the SkyWheel at Myrtle Beach offers that. It is a 42-gondola wheel that gives vacationers a good aerial view of the city. Which each gondola holding up to six people, teams have a chance to enjoy the beach’s serenity together. The ride goes for approximately 10 minutes, which is enough to explore the area through the glass walls.

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9 Kayaking

Kayaking is an underrated water sport that most people read from articles but never get a chance to experience first-hand. This city gives vacationers the chance to try out their hand at kayaking. It is a thrill-filled exercise that requires the effort of the vacationers. Unlike boats which are propelled by engines, kayaks require the human muscle, and maybe some wind to move forward. Kayaking as a team is most recommended for safety reasons.

8 Camping

When most people hear about camping, all they expect to find is a large forested area with hiking trails beside them. However, the Myrtle experience is served differently. This beautiful camping site is not far from the shoreline. Even with the rising sea levels, Myrtle’s shores have somehow been spared and the best time to try out camping is now. For those that see beach camping as a downgrade from the traditional campsites, this city promises a whole different experience. Waking up to the sight of clear and calm waters makes everything worthwhile.

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7 Dolphin Cruises

Dolphins are among the friendliest fish species in the Atlantic. Sighting a park of dolphins is never easy, especially in this day and age of unprecedented marine life destruction. However, Myrtle allows vacationers to witness dolphin cruises at close range. These fish swim systematically, and that looks more like diving than swimming. How they get to do it against the intense tides and currents creates a show in itself.

6 Ripley’s Aquarium

A Myrtle Beach trip will never be complete without a stroll through one of the many aquariums available. Ripley’s Aquarium will in this case serve that purpose. The aquarium is a depiction of South Carolina’s hidden treasures. It has thousands of marine creatures which gives adventurers a closer view of rare marine life. Exotic rare fish such as the Amazon’s clown triggerfish are found here as well. Those that enjoy nerve-jerking experiences are invited to jump in and swim alongside the free-roaming giant sharks.

5 Golfing & Bowling

Although golfing and bowling can be done virtually everywhere without the need for a vacation, this city’s experience is different on multiple grounds. First, everything done here is purely for fun and there are professionals to help first-timers get over it. Enjoying a golf game in one of the sun-drenched courses creates some satisfaction even for the amateurs. Renting a golf cart helps vacationers move around the course like a pro.

4 Chopper Rides

To get the most out of this breathtaking destination, a helicopter ride is a must-try. The rides are mainly offered in the evening before the sunset. Watching the sun sink into the other side of the ocean from up there is an experience every vacationer needs to try. Also, the rides provide a convenient way to survey the city’s serene environment for one last time.

3 The Beach

Going to the beach is the only way to connect psychologically with the city. For a minute, vacationers will just want to stare from a distance and watch the pristine blue waters dash back and forth. For those that can’t resist the temptation, drenching along the shoreline will be a great welcome to the amazing Myrtle Beach Life.

2 Stroll Through The Beach’s Boardwalk

Not all vacationers who come to this area are interested in soaking. Others just want to explore the beach’s serene environment and nothing more. Stretching 1.2 miles along the shoreline, this boardwalk gives tourists a chance to admire the ocean without soaking. Also, there are multiple beachfront hotels along the boardwalk with a variety of cuisines on display.

1 Recreational Fishing

Fishing for fun doesn’t require any expertise. Get the right equipment in fishing rods, fishing reels, fishing hooks, and lines. Watch the fishing escapes as they unfold from there. Best still, the equipment doesn’t need to be bought. Renting is also an option. Fishing here is best done in groups. Tourists can rent a boat and head to the sea to try out the activity and have fun while still at it.

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